"The Memoirs of Mindy" was my first professional work as an artist after I had left the safety of university. I had organised to exhibit with four friends at Campbelltown Bicentennial Art Gallery in New South Wales in early 2006, but to be honest, even with a guaranteed show in a fantastic space, I found the whole creative process on this occasion to be quite a struggle. No longer did I have studio equipment to work with on my beloved lino-cuts or even much of a support network and as for ideas... some hopes!

I had just spent an extended stay in England though and the idea of travel was very much in the forefront of my mind and this coupled with that wave of Photoshop that seemed to be growing in strength, fed directly into Mindy's adventures. I took on previous personal experiences, something poignant of the era in which I was working and incorporated my beloved pet into the equation and this project is what came out.

I wanted Mindy's story to have a two-fold effect. Firstly I wanted each image to be like a snippet from a movie- like reel (the first image you will notice is even a faux movie type poster... "It's time to say meow!"). Each image is a snapshot within a number of different narratives. We don't know what has happened to Mindy, what is going to happen to her or really even how she gets from one place to another, but it is left for the viewer's mind and imaginations to fill in the blanks. She may be a truly unusual cat who can time and space travel on a whim, or there may be a more logical explanation. Secondly, I wanted the viewer to question physically how my feline friend got into each picture. This was a period where the idea of such photographic notions were in their infancy and confronted with all of these images on one wall in front of them, I either wanted the onlooker to follow the loose narrative or stand and scratch their heads in bafflement. Luckily, at that show in Campbelltown gallery, incognito of course, I got my wish! Most followed Mindy's adventures with gusto, but some were puzzled about some of the things that she got up to and were quite vocal on the experience!

"Memoirs of Mindy" (C) Steve Perrin 2004. All rights reserved.

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