My photographic work is really the grey area  of this whole site. At university, photography is the one topic of the visual arts that I purposely shied away from. It seemed like a cheat to be honest, to get that perfect picture in one single snap. And then of course, if you didn't get that perfect picture, you could always adjust the one you've got in Photoshop and make it so!

My opinion has changed over time however. After learning Photoshop in detail, then having sold digital cameras for a living thereafter and then, of course, finally having learned properly the basics of how to use my digital SLR, I now know that there is a real skill behind this medium. There is a real knack of finding the right technological ingredients and settings that make up a passable photo, let alone a perfect one! I now know that the work of the photographer is one of the most, if not the most, important realms of creativity in modern culture and sometimes I wish that I could have my time again, as this is the medium that I would have focused on the most. I love my beautiful camera now and continue to explore what can be achieved with it.

The photos that I have included here are probably by no means excellent, but they are the results of my investigations and practice over the last year or so, moving from fully automatic shooting to manual mode. In truth, there are some truly lucky instances in which I took some of them, such as taking photos of pop singer, Anastacia, when she appeared at Hobart's Wrest Point Casino in May 2015. As for the animal shots... Well, is there an eye for it or do you have to be in the right place at the right time? I'll let you decide. I know that I am fairly happy with all of the results on offer here.

All Photographs (C) Steve Perrin 2015.

Wildlife Photographs 2015 - Please click on image for larger version

Anastacia at Wrest Point in May 2015 - Please click on image for larger version

Miscellaneous and Experimental Photographs 2015 - Please click on image for larger version

Interesting Places 2015 - Please click on image for larger version