Welcome to Memoirs and Mayhem! This, hopefully, will not only be a companion piece to my radio show "Music, Mayhem and More" on Tasmanian Community Station Huon and Kingston FM, but will become the place where the contents of my mind will be let loose on an unsuspecting public! Combining some of my fine art work (which seems like it came from a whole lifetime ago now), my recent radio work (we're the southernmost station in the nation! Tune in on Tasmanian 95.3 and 98.5 FM or www.huonfm.com) and a blog, this is a comprehensive showcase of many of the characters and imagery that lurk within my old grey cells. For those that know me, it's a chance to catch up, for those that don't, welcome! Whoever you are, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy!

All work, characters, imagery and scripts are (C) Steve Perrin. All rights reserved.